Monday, 10 November, 2008

The True 'I' Phone

Every phone that I look at, has some disappointment in store. Doesn't have GPS. Or doesn't have WiFi, or doesn't have a good enough camera, or doesn't have a good battery life, etc.
How about Nokia (could be anyone actually, including Google and Apple) introducing a micro-site that lets registered users drag and drop the style, shape and features that they want, which then gets shipped in say 30 days. If Dell can do it, if car companies can do it, so can mobile manufacturers.


  1. tu ek sadha phone ghe. ugach show sha kashala hawa apalyala?
    mala pan hach prashna padato - kuthala phone ghyawa???

  2. Haha...try telling that to my wife, who wanted one for the past one year, and I promised her one as soon as it got officially launched here, instead of trying to crack one.
    Guess what, now that she has it, the she's also counting what it doesn't have, rather than what all it has.