Monday, 15 June, 2009

Star Trek - Redux

Ah, loved it. Boldly went with only 18 people in Regal, Colaba one Sunday afternoon and came back very happy:)
Snazzy effects. Nice ships and a decent enough story. A few worm holes in the space-time continuum but I'm not complaining much.
It takes us back in time to when Capt James T Kirk is really young, rebellious and hot headed, and then fate, ego and a cute girl make a man out of him, as well as the captain of the most advanced spaceship earth has launched. He meets the young Spock, who is fighting and escaping his own devils. And the two don't really hit it off as we have come to know. The starkly different personalities giving way to each other out of mutual respect is the part of the story that will follow. Right now in this time, they are at loggerheads and through a time continuum twist and a crazy Romulan warlord the old Spock (Leonard Nimoy) makes an appearance to sort things out.
So that the USS Enterprise can boldly go where no one has gone before.

Mirror, mirror...

What do you do when the baggage handlers decide to slack off? We were stuck at International arrivals for 2 and a half hours hoping to see a glimpse of the people we were waiting for.
A steady trickle of people only makes you observe them closely, there is nothing else to do. Losing the match was bad enough, so was the sweaty, muggy weather.
Indians of all shapes and sizes are coming out pushing heavy carts with extra large suitcases. The accents were foreign, the body types still very much Indian and the fashion obsessively and compulsively, the latest.
Clingy tops paired with reed thin jeans, no care whatsoever about big bums and now-revealed bow legs. Striped collared T-shirts hiding rotund paunches with medium-long shorts showing off skinny legs. Why? Aren't there mirrors around when they shop?