Tuesday, 26 August, 2008

iPhone - Getting Stuck

Getting started:
1.The shiny pin hooked to the black brochure in the iPhone box, is the pin with which you pop out the SIM card from its slot on top of the instrument.
2. Once switched on (it came pre-charged) the USB plug icon pointing to an iTunes logo on the active screen means you have to connect the instrument into a web-connected iTunes from your computer to complete the registration process.

Well, no one explained this and the illustrated iPhone Manual doesn't have a clearly spelt out 'Getting started' section to help awestruck people like me. A bit cryptic. Reminded me of the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The Vodafone store at Lower Parel is strange. They handed me a receipt of purchase which stated 'Deposits and Charges' with a code which only they can figure is an iPhone sold.
Had to insist on a receipt which plainly stated that an iPhone with Part number and IMEI number was sold to me. Then another round of haggling to get myself a copy of the 'Agreement' that I signed with Apple.
The reason given: Sir, that is the format.
How can that be a bill of purchase. Has everyone before me bought it this way, too excited about getting an official piece to bother about a proper bill?

Saturday, 23 August, 2008

Pits And Troughs, Not Potholes

Streets in India should have two plates. One permanent with the name of the road (permanent that is, till the new elected government decides to change it to the new local hero, forgotten freedom fighter, top politician's father, mother, etc.) and one just under it with the road contractor's name and address. Not the name of the company that he owns, which he could shut down or deny any association with. But his own name and residential address.

Logan as Taxis

Figured that the Maruti Suzuki Esteem has finally been discontinued from production. Should get a long service award. One engine upgrade and a few bits and bobs in about 15 years.
Well I am still using my old faithful, which has been 'restored', that was the amount of work that has gone into it, so I should call it my new faithful. And no, I am not prone to calling it Sally or Linda or anything such.
I was wondering about all the AC cabs that have started up in Mumbai, all have bought Esteems of various colours. Must have been a win-win situation for Maruti Suzuki and the fleet owners.
My suggestion to the Govt. of Maharashtra and the Taximens' Union would be to strike a deal with Mahindra Logan and get the Logan to replace the horribly outdated rattletraps, the Premier Padminis.
The Logan is perfect taxi material - it's a low cost, solidly built car, perfect for BMC/MMRDA roads (whoever owns up to them), it spacious enough with a large boot, the diesel is modern and very drivable, and if the government gets into, they can push for a CNG variant too. And for Mahindra Logan, its a 35000 car market.
Meru has already deployed it in Hyderabad as a premium AC cab. But I'm sure a stripped down version can be made.
And why can't we have them all with AC as standard? So the passenger can decide AC or non AC fares.