Saturday, 23 August, 2008

Logan as Taxis

Figured that the Maruti Suzuki Esteem has finally been discontinued from production. Should get a long service award. One engine upgrade and a few bits and bobs in about 15 years.
Well I am still using my old faithful, which has been 'restored', that was the amount of work that has gone into it, so I should call it my new faithful. And no, I am not prone to calling it Sally or Linda or anything such.
I was wondering about all the AC cabs that have started up in Mumbai, all have bought Esteems of various colours. Must have been a win-win situation for Maruti Suzuki and the fleet owners.
My suggestion to the Govt. of Maharashtra and the Taximens' Union would be to strike a deal with Mahindra Logan and get the Logan to replace the horribly outdated rattletraps, the Premier Padminis.
The Logan is perfect taxi material - it's a low cost, solidly built car, perfect for BMC/MMRDA roads (whoever owns up to them), it spacious enough with a large boot, the diesel is modern and very drivable, and if the government gets into, they can push for a CNG variant too. And for Mahindra Logan, its a 35000 car market.
Meru has already deployed it in Hyderabad as a premium AC cab. But I'm sure a stripped down version can be made.
And why can't we have them all with AC as standard? So the passenger can decide AC or non AC fares.

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